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Timeline of Events

2023-Present Software Available for emulation of infastructures improving server/clulster performance beyond any known physical upgrade

2019-Present Continued exploration of infastructures and emulation

2022 "NANO Project" free software for server/cluster improved performance

2018 Ai infastructure "SENSE" Created

2017 Ai infasctructures created

2017 Dot Syntax for Ai used for new infastructures

2017 On-going exploration of Software emulation of infastructures

2012 Exploration and creation of Logical Infastructures

2012 Working prototype created - An infastructure etched on copper clad board-

2010 PHP script written for coprocessing of PHP source code/Grid Emulation

2010 First Grid Created

2010 Computer Aided Design of prototype and concepts

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