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Software License Agreement

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1. Installation and Use

You may install this software on any number of machines as you need to, if you do not exceed the number of end users that you choose when you purchased and downloaded this software. You may only download this software one time, so make sure you copy or backup the file(s) and save them in a safe place. You may make as many copies as you need. This will allow you to explore this software before final installation on your server/cluster. If you loose or misplace this software you may email us with an attached image of your order invoice, and we will send the software to you via email as soon as we can. This software is designed for Azure. It can be configured to run on other cloud-based servers by executing the application on the root machine. If you install this on a personal computer, do not expect improvements in system performance.

2. Modification and Redistribution

This software cannot be modified or redistributed.

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